TSI announce acquisition of Enwave Optronics

Precision instrumentation, and bio detector FLAPS, manufacturer TSI announced that it had acquired the business assets and Raman Spectroscopy Technology from Enwave Optronics, Inc.

Enwave Optronics developed and commercialized a range of Raman instruments over its 10-year history, including handheld, portable, bench top and installed process control instruments. Their enhanced spectral resolution, faster measurements and consistent instrument performance offered better counterfeit identification, polymer & plastics, gemology, mineralogy, food safety, and chemical research. The Enwave acquisition expands TSI's ChemLogix family of chemical analysis solutions.

TSI's President, Tom Kennedy stated, \"We are excited to welcome the Enwave team to TSI and to incorporate the company's portfolio of high precision instruments to TSI's current chemical analysis business. Raman technology expands our chemical characterization business so that now we can address molecular-based as well as elemental-based material analysis. Both Raman and LIBS technology also support growth initiatives across several of our current core businesses.\"

The purchase of the Raman spectroscopy technology from Enwave Optronics, Inc. followed the acquisition of the Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology for elemental analysis of solid materials from PhotonMachines, Inc. in 2012.

This is a major departure from the TSI of old. While a highly respected company it did not have any handheld detectors, and as such took no place in that sector of the responder market. Enwave have their EZRaman (did you see what they did there!), which is a handheld device and with TSI's market understanding and presence will become the latest in a long line of raman detectors. Raman is currently the enfant terrible of detectors, and is clearly popular with a wide variety of users, quite how many more detector manufacturers the market can sustain will be interesting to see.

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