TSA Awards Analogic $4 Million Base Contract for Further Development of CT Checkpoint Screening Tech

Analogic Corporation (ALOG), enabling the world's medical imaging and aviation security technology, today announced that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded it a base contract valued at approximately $4 million for a 12-month development phase and 24 months of prototype warranty, with options for additional ConneCT™ prototypes and warranty for a period of 24 months at the TSA’s discretion.

Under this contract, Analogic will develop advanced threat detection algorithms that will be used in Analogic’s ConneCT aviation checkpoint CT system.

“We have a long history supporting U.S. aviation security, and this contract will be instrumental in bringing the benefits of Analogic CT technology and the ConneCT solution to airports in the United States,” said Fred Parks, president and CEO. “We are honored to receive this contract, which represents the next step toward CT technology taking a predominant place at airport checkpoints to improve security, airport efficiency and passenger satisfaction.”

Analogic engineered the ConneCT from the ground up for carry-on baggage screening, with differentiated features including:
- Superior 3D image quality, critical to security and checkpoint efficiency, that helps screeners find threats faster, avoids false alarms and makes automated threat detection easier.
- Reliability that leverages multiple innovations that have a significant impact on operating costs. It features a unique no-bearing gantry and non-contact power system that reduces moving parts, increases reliability, and eliminates brush dust and consumable brushes.
- An airport-friendly design that belongs in today's world-class airports. ConneCT’s footprint is comparable to current multi-view X-ray systems, making upgrades easy for airports while its gull-wing covers and modular components allow for easy access during servicing. In addition, ConneCT is designed to work seamlessly with all major Automated Screening Lane (ASL) and remote checkpoint screening solution providers.
- Next-Generation Operator Interface that minimizes training and incorporates touch screen capabilities found on smartphones and tablets, and an additional surface rendering for easier shape recognition and faster alarm resolution.
- An interoperable network architecture designed for the 21st century networking environment that features a new software architecture and modern software applications to enable security, interoperability, and use of third party software applications.
From Analogic’s perspective, together, these differentiators provide a lower total cost of ownership and offer a superior return on investment for airports everywhere.

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