The DRDO: Planning for the future.

The Indian DRDO is to construct a new CBRNE testing facility in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

New Delhi – Senior scientists at the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) have revealed plans for a new CBRNE testing lab in Nagpur, Maharashtra. “This lab” according to Chief Controller Dr. William Selvamurthy, “will be part of the Gwalior-based Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) which is the nodal body for developing all kinds of technology to deal with CBRN emergencies. It will facilitate testing of various products in a closed environment without risking human exposure.”

The construction of the DRDO’s open-field test lab – designed to simulate the mitigation of CBRNE threats - marks an important stage in the DRDO’s development of a CBRN capability. It is said the testing facility will be fully functional within a year.

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