The AirBoss 100

AirBoss Defense Group ("ADG") has announced the launch of the new AirBoss 100™ Half Mask Respirator ("AirBoss 100"). The AirBoss 100 is designed to be a revolutionary step forward in personal protective equipment (PPE) for multiple industries, including healthcare and medical providers, law enforcement, and first responders. Approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the AirBoss 100 is lightweight and comfortable, reducing the burden typically associated with long-term respirator wear.

"The AirBoss 100 is a high-performance, reusable mask that carries the protective power of an N100 filter system which protects against over 99.97% of particulates," stated Patrick Callahan, the CEO of ADG. "It is also one of the first half mask respirators to filter BOTH inhalation and exhalation, which protects the wearer as well as those they are caring for and working with," continued Callahan.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the new AirBoss 100 Half Mask Respirator include:

Superior Filtration & Protection

  • N100-level protection provides over 99.97% filtration of particulates vs. many other competing products. This is superior to a standard N95 mask.
  • Two-way protection – The AirBoss 100 is one of the first half mask respirators to filter BOTH inhalation and exhalation.
  • Low breathing resistance exceeds NIOSH standards and reduces user burden.

Comfortable Extended Wear

  • Superior head harness – easy on/off and comfortable. 
  • Flexible and form-fitting nose cup for an improved yet soft, comfortable facial seal.
  • Breathable, pleated filter pass-through for heat and humidity mitigation.
  • Lightweight at just 4.7 oz.

Long Term Cost-Effective Solution

  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • Cost-effective, replaceable single filter.
  • Low-cost cleaning and maintenance.

Customizable Add-ons

  • Visor attachment offers a broader level of protection for the face and eyes.
  • Premium head harness helps distribute weight and includes a ponytail cutout for added comfort.

"Due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the discovery of new virus variants, the demand for respirators is expected to continue to grow. The superior protection provided by the AirBoss 100 makes it the logical choice for a cost-effective, reusable mask for a wide range of essential employees in healthcare, law enforcement, and first responder professions," continued Callahan.

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