Texas Tech Student found guilty in bomb plot

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari was arrested in Feb 2011 after bomb-making chemicals, wiring, a hazmat suit and clocks were found in his apartment. The materials were matched with a hanwritten arabic journal which suggested he had been planning a terror attack for years.

While the full story is available at the HuffinHuffington Post the story merits some additional comment.

This incident was a key example of a tip off being made by a chemical company over a purchase valuing just $434, and being further verified by the freight company seperately reporting it as suspicious. Both Carolina Biological Supply of Burlington, and Con-way freight deserve commendation for their observation over relatively minor amount of money and show an excellent level of diligence.

The UK has a similar program - know your customers - which hopefully is equally observant although there have yet to be arrests made which have cited the use of tip offs in such a way.

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