Telerob Launches New Generation Telemax EVO EOD Robot

Ostfildern, February 2020. Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH presented the successor to the proven telemax at the beginning of the year: the telemax EVO. Like its big brother tEODor EVO, the telemax EVO offers the latest technologies such as a completely revised, comfortable and future-oriented operating concept.

The operating concept "Robo Command", already known from the tEODor EVO, consists of a lightweight communication unit the size of a carry-on suitcase, as well as a modern controller unit with multi-touch screen and ergonomic design. Operation is intuitive and based on applications that the user is already familiar with through the usage of tablets and smartphones. The new HD pan/tilt camera provides a razor-sharp image for an optimal overview of operations. Further, the radio operation has also been optimized: The fully integrated IP mesh radio system ensures a stable radio connection with the best network coverage  ̶  an advantage that is particularly noticeable in urban environments. If required, the range can also be extended by 1000 m (LOS) per repeater by using additional repeaters. The telemax EVO is available in the models PRO, HYBRID, PLUS and 4x4.

In addition to technological developments, the great advantage of our new telemax EVO family is clearly the multi-robot operation. This means that the controller unit, the communication unit and the radio components are freely interchangeable within a robot fleet. In future, for example, a telemax EVO and a tEODor EVO can be operated alternately with just one Robo Command. This is not only financially a plus point for our customers, but also extremely practical during operations. And last but not least, the training effort required for just one operating concept is of course considerably reduced”, says Thomas Biehne, Managing Director.

Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik GmbH is an independent, medium-sized, owner-managed company based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany, producing homeland security solutions. The product range includes remote-controlled robots for disarming improvised explosive devices and investigating hazards, fully equipped service vehicles as well as mobile system solutions ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure and people.


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