Take the CBRNe World Syria Survey

We want your thoughts and opinions on the Syrian situation. Take the two minute survey...

CBRNe World has put up a survey to get thoughts and opinions on the Syrian situation - it can be found here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Syriaopinionsurvey.

The survey will only take 2-5 minutes to fill in (but you are welcome to spend longer and go into depth!), and the responses will appear in the October edition of CBRNe World. We have done a lot of social media work, and you can join the debate via the CBRNe World LinkedIn pages or via Twitter on @cbrneworld or @chembiotroll.

With only five weeks to go it is also a great time to book your place at CBRNe Convergence - www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2013. Two days of streamed lectures, a pre-conference workshop on Dealing with Contaminated Remains, a dynamic exercise, a chance to see the Aspect aircraft and AMS helicopter and an exhibition of over 60 stands, it is the biggest CBRNE event in the US in 2013.

With new exhibitors in the shape of Laurus and the EPA, and 20 delegates booking last week alone it is the best opportunity to learn and network in the world. Book your place at www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2013/register or learn more about the programme here - /_uploads/upcoming_event_downloads/San_Diego_8pp_v19.pdf

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