Sword GRC launches occupational health and safety risk management solution, ensuring best practice controls for hazardous and ‘high risk’ environments

Sword GRC, a global specialist in risk, compliance and governance software and services, today unveiled its latest product innovation for occupational health and safety risk management.   

Sword GRC’s latest solution, Sword Verify, digitalizes the health and safety risk management process to reduce an organization’s liability and the likelihood of workplace hazards. Combined with ARM, it offers a single source of truth to provide risk managers with the right information to protect their workforce and reduce business disruptions.

“ARM is the only fully integrated solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders within Projects, Enterprise, Supply Chain and OHS risk management,” said Keith Ricketts, Sword GRC, Vice President of Marketing. “Confident that effective controls are in place, being followed and that operator safety is ensured, organizations can meet their regulatory requirements and safeguard their business reputation.”  

Nick Scully, Sword GRC Chief Executive Officer said: “We are proud to strengthen the depth and breadth of our world-class risk management and GRC portfolio, with the release of our occupational health and safety risk management solution. Through digitalization we are equipping organizations, particularly those within high-risk sectors such as mining, energy, and aerospace & defense,with practical solutions to manage the efficacy of their controls, thereby mitigating risk, as well as providing evidence of best practice that is so important in today’s business environment.  

“The release of Sword Verify is the first in a series of strategic product launches and is part of Sword GRC’s $multi million investment, which aims to leverage the latest innovations in technology in order to deliver best fit risk management solutions designed entirely on customer feedback related to their business needs.”   

For more information please visit: Sword GRC  

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