Swiss chocolatiers and their role in Bioterror!

Handelszeitung reported that Swiss chocolatiers are infuriated by US inspections for 'bioterrorism' or 'radioactive' threats.

21 chocolate factories and 18 diaries have been obliged to allow inspection of their facilities or they will be banned from the US market. “The fact that a foreign authority is involved in our Swiss businesses is unseemly,” Daniel Bloch, of Chocolates Camille Bloch told Handelszeitung. I love the fact that there is outrage from Swiss chocolatiers, the suggestion being that people as obviously good as chocolatiers could be involved in adulteration of their product? Outrageous! The same might also be suggested about bakers - what could be more wholesome than bread? Much like the good bakers of Dahm Y'Israel Nokeam (or Avenging Israel's Blood) and their attempted poisoning of Nazi PoWs in Stalag 13: for the full account I would recommend Ehud Sprinzak and Idith Zertal's essay in Toxic Terror (Jonathan Tucker). The adulteration of food stuffs is the easiest to do and the hardest to stop. If you were interested in perpetrating an attack with a strategic affect then the produce that you would go for would be the high end, luxury items: Swiss chocolate or other quality produce, such as Single Malt Scotch whiskey. It is a back-handed compliment to the Swiss that their produce is sophisticated enough to be a threat.

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