SVG2 Simulator product launch

Argon Electronics is proud to have launched a training simulator for the SVG2 RadiacMeter made by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thanks to the close partnership between the two companies, the look, feel, and response of the SVG-2 SIM simulation training system, which includes the SVG-2 SIM survey meter simulator and the simulation Alpha, Beta, Gamma probe, is remarkably similar to the actual detector.

This training system provides a comprehensive training capability that enables students to experience every operational feature of the real Thermo Fischer Scientific SVG-2 without the need to use an ionizing gamma or beta radiation source.

The SVG-2 SIM responds to safe electronic sources that simulate ionising radiation; this removes regulatory, environmental, and health and safety concerns during training exercises. The simulation sources can be used anywhere, including within public buildings. SVG-2 SIM is fully compatible with the Argon PlumeSIM system for wide-area tactical field and nuclear emergency response exercises, which ensures everyone understands the correct procedure in the event of an emergency. Compatible Dosimeter and spectrometer simulators are also available.

SVG-2 SIM simulates:

  • Internal and external (Alpha / Beta / Gamma) detection
  • Analogue and digital backlit display
  • Numeric display to show either the dose rate or the dose
  • The status of the meter and alarm threshold settings

SVG-2 SIM facilitates high-quality survey meter training, developing skills in:

  • Survey and location of radioactive sources
  • Isodoserate mapping
  • Shielding
  • Safe demarcation
  • Inverse Square Law response (1/r2)
  • Dose and Doserate management
  • Effects of different types of shielding such as brick, wood, and glass

SVG-2 SIM permits radiological instructors to safely teach critical search, reconnaissance, survey, and location skills as well as a practical understanding of inverse square law, isodose rate mapping, shielding, and safe demarcation. The SVG-2 SIM receives encoded signals representing specific beta/gamma radionuclides from deployed electronic simulation sources or PlumeSIM. Additionally, with the simulated external Alpha, Beta, Gamma probe survey, contamination monitoring, and decontamination exercises can be carried out.

To learn more about the SVG-2 SIM, download the Product Sheet or contact us today. 


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