Suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi kills 3, wounds 6

Emirati police say a suspected drone attack may have sparked an explosion that engulfed three oil tankers in Abu Dhabi and another fire at an extension of Abu Dhabi International Airport that killed three people and wounded six.

A suspected drone attack by Houthi rebels targeting a key oil facility in Abu Dhabi killed three people and sparked a separate fire at Abu Dhabi's international airport on Monday January 17th 2022.

Police in the United Arab Emirates identified the dead as two Indian nationals and one Pakistani. It did not identify the wounded, who police said suffered minor to moderate injuries at an industrial area where Abu Dhabi's state-owned energy company runs a pipeline network and an oil tanker storage facility.

Police have said that while an investigation is underway, preliminary findings have indicated that there were small flying objects, possibly belonging to drones, that fell in the two areas and may have caused the explosions and fire. 

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed they were behind an attack targeting the United Arab Emirates on Monday, without immediately elaborating. The Iranian-backed Houthis have claimed several attacks that Emirati officials later denied took place.

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