Smiths Detection lands Colpro contract

Despite COLPRO being generally as popular as leftovers five days after the 4th of July [trying to be topical? Ed] the US Army placed a $27m contract for mobile medical shelters with Smiths Detection. Smiths had the original contract way back in 2006 as a $10 million that included delivery of 21 systems. The original press release promised an annual revenue expectations of around $25 million and over the 5-year contract period, Smiths had a contract ceiling of $333 million. The first systems were delivered in 2013 and they received an additional $42m contract in February 2014. Though neither Smiths nor the US Army have mentioned it, it would seem likely that the systems were considered for the West African Ebola mission, if not used. If so then this may well be the first of a number of replenishment contracts.

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