Sly Fox Mission 21 Designs Rapid Prototype UAV Early Warning CBR Detection System

An intensive collaboration of seven junior scientists and engineers has resulted in a system called Senses CBR Agents Pre-Engagement and Goes Over All Terrain (SCAPEGOAT).

The modular CBR detection system accommodates multiple sensor modules across multiple UAV platforms, enabling Sailors to better protect themselves from the increasing frequency of CBR attacks by relaying threat data to command and control assets. Hundreds of Navy civilian and military personnel witnessed this reality as the mission culminated with a technological capability demonstration on the Potomac River Test Range, June 15.
Early in the design phase, the team decided to integrate existing CBR detection technology into SCAPEGOAT, avoiding major modifications of CBR sensors and UAS platforms that involve strict payload weight limitations. Their decision led to a system design with three interchangeable mission modules – one each for the chemical detection, biological, and radiological detection capabilities.
Moreover, the chemical and radiological detection modules are compatible with currently fielded military sensors. The biological collection unit is a custom NSWCDD-designed module compatible with currently fielded filter media that uses a 12-volt fan to pull air through the system.
In addition to CBR detection systems, SCAPEGOAT features modules for communications, a global positioning system, camera, and power.

Tags: Detection, Threat, Chemical, Military, Biological, Radiological

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