Second Sight MS delivered to the US Army


Beginning of September 2017, the US Army contacted Bertin Corp., Bertin’s subsidiary in Washington, to purchase a Second Sight MS detector.
This instrument is the only chemical standoff gas detection device offering real time surveillance and source localization. The Second Sight MS’ comprehensive database ensure gas identification, and thanks to its unique gas X feature, it can also detect gas when it is impure, mixed or unknown.

This purchase occurred shortly after the news of the previous delivery to the Australian army of Second Sight MS cameras, equipped with long range wireless capabilities between the sensor head and the control station.

Second Sight’s full configuration system was delivered to the US Army by the end of November, and went through some extensive “classified” tests. The US Army is still in the process of evaluating the equipment to determine its usability within their application context, with the continued support from Bertin’s teams in Aix en Provence & in Washington.

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