Scott launch new decon line

Scott Safety launched their new Lightweight Decon System in time for Policing and Security

Scott Safety have launched a new product to complement their PPE/respiratory protection division. The first product out is their 22kg LDS, which they see as an applicator for dealing with CBR agents. The system is decon solution agnostic, it can manage liquids, powders and even the gel/polymers used to lock rad contamination in place. The low pressure system works on atomisation, creating a super fine mist that can cover a 15 metre cubed area with 5 micron droplets within a minute. the mist is highly mobile and has been proved to effectively coat non-line of sight areas. Tests done at the UK's Health and Safety Laboratory showed that even with 'concealed' plates of agent the decon solution was mobile enough to reach the agent and successfully decontaminate it.

The Scott team reckon the system is 17 times more effective than conventional foggers and due to the super fine mist is able to achieve a 95% reduction in the amount of decon solution needed to decontaminate either an area, person or vehicle. A two minute run time, which will use most of the Scott 300bar canister and the 2 litre decon solution tank, will cover 500metres squared with a 5 micron mist. As well as the small G2B version (above) there is a 360D version, part of their Remote Decontamination System (RDS), which will fill nearly double the area with a finer, 2 micron, mist.

Those with long memories will recognise the system as 'Pursuit Dynamics' First Response System. Scott bought all the patents and IP from Pursuit about four years ago and have spent the time doing some validation and preparing their Skelmersdale facility with the ability to mass produce the systems. As well as the CBRN applications, which are the first in this line, the system will also be offered to their customers for a wide variety of other applications, including fire suppression.

This will be an interesting direction for Scott, showing an increased dedication to CBRN market. Pursuit were popular with customers, but lacked both Scott's reach and mass production capability. That said, this is decon, not traditionally the most active of markets... Hopefully the reduction in consumable costs combined with the agnostic nature of the system (it can be used to propel a wide range of chemicals) will persuade customers that it is time to invest in something new.

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