SciAps Raman Analyzers Chosen for World Cup Security

SciAps, a portable analytical instrumentation company, announces the sale of ReporteR units to the Brazilian police force to aid in World Cup security.

ReporteR unit is a Raman analyzer and complies with IP 67 and MilSpec 810G standards as waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant.

Test methods and data are secure, making geographical deployment feasible. Methods can be customized and generated on the PC by a qualified manager, and loaded into the ReporteR. Once configured, the test methods are locked into the handheld to prevent tampering. Libraries for illegal narcotics, chemical agents and explosives are available allowing for testing of suspect materials.

A feature of the SciAps platform is the patented, right-angle sample attachment. Samples can be placed in a plastic bag for testing. This assures the laser is only engaged while on a sample. This contributes to improved safety, as opposed the “point and shoot” approach favored by other Raman units.

The ReporteR was previously sold under the DeltaNu brand name,

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