Russian troops get new wheels

Russian special forces NBC defence troops get new detector vehicles

Interfac reported that a new batch of modern RKhM-6 modern, sixth-generation radiation, chemical and biological detector vehicles has entered service with the Airborne Troops' radiation, chemical and biological [NBC] defence detachments.
\"The first [vehicle] will be received by an Airborne Forces special forces regiment and separate Airborne Forces communications regiment deployed in Moscow Region,\" the Airborne Forces press service said in a statement obtained by Interfax on Thursday [6 November].
The RKhM-6 is fitted with an automated weather system which measures the parameters of the atmosphere and soil, wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity and air pressure, in automatic regime. A long-distance chemical detector sensor provides detection of toxic chemicals and foreign materials, calculating their concentration at distances of up to six kilometres. An automated position definition system that sends information and data on an electronic map provides transfer to an automated force command system in real time, the Airborne Forces headquarters said.
The RKhM-6 is also fitted with equipment for interfering with the homing systems of high-precision weapons, as well as [equipment for] dealing with the after-effects of emergency situations and man-made disasters.
\"The new equipment is coming to the combat units of the Airborne Troops with trained crews, previously trained at a special Russian Armed Forces RKhB [nuclear, chemical, biological] inter-agency training centre,\" the statement said.

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