Russian Federation, Uzbekistan Security Council Agree to Cooperate on Biosecurity

As reported by Interfax: 

The Russian Federation Security Council press secretary, Yevgeniy Anoshin, informed journalists that the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, and his counterpart from Uzbekistan, Viktor Makhmudov, signed a memorandum in Ufa on mutual understanding between the Security Council offices of the two countries on biosecurity issues.

"The representatives noted that considering the cross-border nature of such risks and threats, joint and coordinated actions to prevent them are imperative," Anoshin said.

The signing took place in Ufa on the sidelines of the international meeting of high representatives, responsible for overseeing security issues.

In April, Patrushev, presenting at the Moscow Security Conference, noted that the accelerating pace of scientific and technical progress makes it possible to create attack weapons using new technologies, including genetics and synthetic biology fields. The Russian Federation Security Council secretary stated that such means are often no less lethal than weapons of mass destruction.

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