Riskaware Awarded £2 million DSTL Contract

Riskaware has announced it has been awarded a Digital Marketplace call-off contract worth up to £2 million to provide ongoing support to Dstl’s Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence programme.

The contract, entitled Software Development & Support of CBRN Modelling and Information Management Systems, will focus on development, modification and updating existing CBRN models and tools, including Dstl’s Sensor Placement Tool (SPT), Source Term Estimation (STE) capability and LUCBR – a tool for simulating the consequences of a CBR event within the London Underground.

The tools will be used to generate evidence-based assessments and acquire data to support policy procurement decisions for CBRN-related programmes.

Business Development Director at Riskaware, Robert Gordon, said: “Riskaware is excited to build on its long-standing relationship with Dstl through this contract. The value of modelling software within CBRN defence is more important than ever and we are keen to expand on already robust functionalities to help Dstl and the Government keep the public safe.”

The budget range for the project is £500k – £1M per annum and will run for two years from April 1st 2020. There is an option for a six-month extension should it be required.

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