Research and Development Solutions to Water Emergencies Webinar

The webinnar will provide an overview of the following tools and methods:
• EPANET-RTX (Real–time eXtension) which are software libraries to support real-time modeling and real-time analytics of water distribution systems.
• Water Network Tool for Resilience (WNTR) which can be utilized to model and evaluate the resilience of specific water distribution systems.
• Riverine Spill Modeling System (RSMS) that supports emergency response decisions regarding drinking water plants intakes on the Ohio River. There are plans to expand this tool to other river systems.
• Decontamination methods for oil spills that impact water distribution systems, and treatment of contaminated water.
Resources supporting risk assessment activities that state laboratories and public health and environmental agencies undertake will also be presented. A key resource, the Selected Analytical Methods for Environmental Remediation and Recovery that assists sampling and analytical method selection, will be featured. Current research on potential exposure pathways related to high consequence pathogens (e.g., Ebola virus, Bacillus anthracis spores) in wastewater will also be summarized.

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