Rapiscan introduce the NEW Itemiser 4DN

Rapiscan have recently introduced a new product to their family of trace detection equipment, the Itemiser 4DN. 

The Itemiser 4DN is optimized for the detection of narcotics in eight seconds with a non-radioactive ion source, using a non-radioactive ionization source and optimized, for narcotics detection, Itemiser® 4DN can detect a broad range of current market threat narcotics without the use of a radioactive source, thereby eliminating the need for annual wipe tests and licensing while reducing shipping challenges.

The 4DN conducts highly selective and sensitive detection of familiar narcotic threats as well as synthetic cannibinoids and opioids, with a user expandable library enabling in the field system optimization.

Not only that, the Itemiser 4DN is cost-effective, reliable, has an easy to use operator interface, and is lightweight enough to be portable. 

For more information on this trace detector click here

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