RAE Systems to stop taking orders for ChemRAE/Chempro

RAE Systems, now a Honeywell company, to stop stocking the Environic based ChemRAE

Honeywell finished the acquisition of RAE Systems in June last year, and has clearly had a bit of a stock take and decided to no longer stock the ChemRAE which they sold for Environics. Environics USA however will continue to stock the ChemPro 100i. The relationship allowed Environics not only to take advantage of the RAE Systems sales footprint, but also allowed their device to alarm over the AreaRAE network. Now the Chempro 100i will have the option of adding two ChemRAE libraries to it, allowing it to use the two libraries to communicate over an AreaRAE network. The operator will need to purchase these from new or as an upgrade for ChemPro100is that have been previously fielded. ChemPro100i users that purchase the upgraded library will still need to purchase the RAE Link 3 modem, connection cable and any required software license(s) separately from RAE Systems in order for the ChemPro100i with the upgraded libraries to work on an AreaRAE network.

It all sounds a lot more complicated than it was before.

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