PyroGenesis System in Final Testing Phase

PyroGenesis has been awarded a contract by the Canadian government to provide technical support during the final live agent testing phase of its tactical Plasma Arc Chemical Warfare Agents Destruction System (PACWADS).

The final phase of testing, expected to take around six months, will be conducted using live chemical agents and it is expected to confirm the results produced at PyroGenesis’ facilities when using surrogate chemical agents.
“We are highly confident that our System will pass the Final Testing Phase particularly given the fact that we significantly exceeded the minimum requirements of 99.99% destruction efficiency using surrogates,” said Pierre Carabin, Chief Technology Officer of PyroGenesis. “As previously announced, our System demonstrated more than 99.9999% efficiency using surrogates which emulated destruction of such chemical warfare agents such as sarin (GB), soman (GD), and mustard (HD). This additional contract will allow PyroGenesis to support testing using real chemical warfare agents at a secure site.”
The PACWADS has been shipped to a secure site and the final phse of testing has started.

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