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Smiths Detection and Optosecurity offer upgrades for airport x-ray scanners

Watford, UK, June 27. 2012 - Smiths Detection has signed a distribution agreement with Optosecurity to provide airports with advanced EU standard upgrades to Smiths Detection’s X-ray baggage scanners without the need to replace existing equipment or hardware.

Installing the Canadian company’s OptoScreener device to the HI-SCAN 6040i, 6046si, or 7555i models will take them to the level of EU certified LEDS (Liquid Explosives Detection System) Type C performance. Type C systems can screen multiple liquid containers simultaneously when placed outside the baggage.

The requirements are due to come into force after the scheduled lifting of the current ban on liquids in hand luggage in the EU in April 2013. OptoScreener, roughly the size of a desktop computer, can be installed as an upgrade to 6040i, 6046si, or 7555i systems already in operation or as an option for newly ordered machines. Smiths Detection’s other aTiX models have already gained Type C certification.

Mal Maginnis, President of Smiths Detection, said: “Enhanced versions of already successful technologies can often provide very effective tools for detecting threats. As the EU deadline approaches, it is all the more important for airports to be aware of the options now available to meet evolving threats while minimizing costs and changes to security layouts.”

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