Pre-conference workshop on the potential Russian chemical weapons threat in Ukraine

As the conflict in the Ukraine continues to escalate, the threat of expansion into NATO areas is becoming more likely. In addition, the false rhetoric of the development of chemical and biological weapons in the Ukraine via a US partnership is being promulgated. Following the lessons learned with a similar disinformation campaign during the Syria-conflict, this could be an early warning of the potential for use of chemical and biological threats against the Ukranian people and potentially spilling over into NATO areas of interest. With this in mind, it is time to reassess the threat landscape focusing on the detection, protection, decontamination, and destruction of traditional and emerging threats. This course, aimed towards military response elements, will focus on methods of deployment (including improvised methods) as well as methods for the identification, protection, decontamination, and destruction for CBRN elements. Field response guides will be provided to assist in response planning.

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