PCAPP Reaches Half Way Mark

It was announced on February 26th that the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant has reached the half way mark, and has destroyed 50% of the obsolete chemical munitions stored at Pueblo Chemical Depot. 

50% equates to around 220,000 munitions, and with this milestone reached, it is expected that the deadline to destroy all stockpiled mustard agent by December 2023 is well attainable. 

“This accomplishment is the result of the dedication and tenacity of the men and women who work at PCAPP,” said Walton Levi, site project manager. “The PCAPP team overcame a variety of technical and operational challenges associated with a First-Of-A-Kind processing facility and these challenges were tackled head-on by our very capable, well-trained and experienced workforce.”

The PCAPP will continue to work on the processing and destruction of 155mm projectiles this year, before moving on to the 105mm destruction campaign.  

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