Packbot eh!

iRobot Wins Contracts Valued at $9.6 Million from Canadian Department of National Defence

The Canadian DND has a long history of experimenting with CBRN UGVs, their MATS programme has been running in Suffield for nearly ten years, but it seems that they are going to complement this with a military off the shelf solution. iRobot has been awarded multi-year contracts with an initial value of $9.6 million by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND). The contracts, awarded after a competitive bidding process, call for the delivery of 20 iRobot 510 PackBot CBRN Recce Systems, training and future product lifecycle support. All systems under the contract are expected to be delivered by April 2015.

I'm sure future visitors to Med Hat will become as acquainted with Packbot as they have been with MATS.

Tags: Military, Contract

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