Nuclear discussions with Iran ineffective, says IAEA

Expert team denied access to Parchin, after rounds of failed discussion with Iranian officials.

Recent attempts by IAEA officials to clarify and set forth Iran’s nuclear capability have failed according to Director General Yukiya Amano. After only two days of discussion with Iranian officials, an IAEA press release this morning stated that “Intensive efforts were made to reach agreement on a document facilitating the clarification of unresolved issues in connection with Iran’s nuclear programme, particularly those relating to possible military dimensions. Unfortunately, agreement was not reached on this document.”

Referring in particular to the IAEA’s denied requests to visit Parchin, an Iranian military complex near Tehran, Director General Amano has expressed his frustration, saying \"It is disappointing that Iran did not accept our request to visit Parchin during the first or second meetings […] We engaged in a constructive spirit, but no agreement was reached.\"

These latest developments will lend weight to a growing political consensus that Iran is intent on negating all attempts to monitor, elucidate, coerce or preclude its nuclear program.

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