NTI's new spending tracking tool

We don't have an 'Ain't it cool' section, but if we did it would feature NTI's new tool to view the entire threat reduction budget from 1992 to the present or search by program, goal or government department over a custom date range

NTI's new budget tracker allows people to see the whole range of funding that has been allocated for the past 20+ years in CBRN deterrence. As a walk through, you click to enter the budget, then you have a choice of whether you want program, department or goals, we are going to click on goals, we then get a further choice of topics such as 'Ending Further Production,' 'Securing Warheads,' 'Interdicting Nuclear smuggling' etc. We are going to go for 'Reducing Excess Stockpiles,' you have a choice of dates, we will go for the whole range, and then we find that $906million has been spent from 1999 to 2014, with approximately one third of that total having been spent in 1999.

The tool can be found here and is the result of over ten years work with Harvard's Project on Managing the Atom. Good job NTI!

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