NTI is Helping Local Decision-Makers Respond to COVID in their Communities

NTI, working with three major partners and a slew of experts from around the country, have launched COVID-local.org, a guide for state, city, and local leaders to answer these and other related questions. This tool offers a strategic decision-making framework for local officials as they struggle to reduce the near-term impact of the pandemic.

NTI is doing what they can to support leaders on the front lines of this pandemic. Would you like to learn more about the guide? Watch this recording of a live webinar that they hosted last week. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has been on the frontlines of COVID-19 in Washington state, joined NTI Co-chairs Sam Nunn and Ernest J. Moniz, as well as NTI | bio lead Beth Cameron and partners from the Georgetown Center for Global Health Science and Security and the Center for Global Development to discuss COVID-local.org and responses to COVID-19.

During the webinar, Mayor Durkan shared actions that had helped in her city and told fellow leaders who joined the discussion: “If I had one word to people it would be: ACT. Act now, act boldly.”

This guide is informed by existing guidance from U.S. and global authorities, public health research findings, and lessons observed from countries that have been battling COVID-19 since January 2020. It is intended to complement, but not in any way supplant, advice and guidance from global, federal and local public health and other authorities.

NTI would also like your feedback on the the guide, to be incorporated as the pandemic contiunes. VIsit COVID-local.org to see the guide and find out more. 

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