New labelling for sorbent sampling tubes

Markes International Ltd (Llantrisant, UK) is set to make life easier for field and laboratory staff, by introducing enhanced labelling for its standard range of thermal desorption tubes.

As well as the usual unique serial number in alphanumeric format, Markes’ new tube labelling system now includes a copy of the serial number in barcode format and an arrow indicating the sampling flow direction to minimise errors in the field.

All aspects of the enhanced labels are applied directly onto each sorbent tube using a laser-etching process on stainless steel (and inert-coated steel) tubes or via ceramic decals on glass tubes. The new heat-resistant labelling offers greater reliability throughout multiple monitoring and analysis cycles.

Selected for optimum long-term readability, the code 128 serial number barcode reduces errors when recording and tracking tubes, and eliminates time-consuming manual data entry. It can be applied to new or existing tubes and is particularly useful for large-scale monitoring studies and for labs with significant sorbent tube stock.

Offering barcoded serial numbers as standard complements Markes’ advanced proprietary tube labelling options including 'TubeTAG’ – which uses radio frequency identification technology. TubeTAG enables tube and sample information to be stored and tracked with individual sorbent tubes, facilitating tube quality assurance. Key applications include monitoring the history of individual tubes throughout their life or tracking an individual thermal desorption sample throughout a sequence of re-collection and repeat analyses. Other advanced tube labelling options offered by Markes include custom etching or banding of tubes for at-a-glance recognition of tube type - batch, application/project or particular sorbent combination.

The introduction of new enhanced labels for standard sorbent tubes is just the latest innovation from Markes in the field of thermal desorption (TD). Markes also provides the world’s most comprehensive range of industry standard thermal desorption tubes available in glass, stainless steel and inert-coated stainless steel and an unlimited range of sorbent options. Additional tube-related options include proprietary 'SafeLok’ tubes for monitoring ultra-trace or highly-toxic compounds and larger DAAMS (Depot Area Air Monitoring System) tubes for specific civil defence applications.

Markes International is the world-leader in analytical thermal desorption and associated sampling technology for measuring volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals ((S-)VOCs) in air and materials.

For more information on the new enhanced sorbent tube labelling system from Markes International, contact Markes via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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