Morpho Detection Press Release

U.K. DfT Certifies MDI Itemiser DX Explosives Trace Detector for Air Cargo Screening

Morpho Detection is the narcotics, explosives, biological, radiological, chemical and nuclear detection business of Morpho, which is a security unit of the Safran group. MDI provides detection solutions to military, government, critical infrastructure, first responder and air and ground transportation organizations.

In 2010, the U.K. DfT had certified the MDI Itemiser DX for screening passenger’s checked baggage at airport checkpoints. The device is a portable, desktop instrument that is economical and reliable. It is capable of detecting explosives. The device is based on ITMS trace technology that allows it to analyze ions, both positive and negative, simultaneously from the sample. It can perform this analysis on a single sample.

The latest U.K. DfT certification for air cargo screening recognizes the ability of the MDI Itemiser DX device to protect the supply chain system for air cargo. The certification allows deployment of the device throughout the country at air cargo facilities. It will help the air cargo operators and facilities to improve their ROI on the investments that they have made for their security infrastructure. The deployment of the device will also help improve their efficiency.

Morpho Detection’s Itemiser DX desktop explosives trace detection system has received the approval of five global regulatory agencies and it has been deployed at many air transportation and cargo facilities worldwide.


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