Maryland Police Select IonSense

IonSense is pleased to announce that their DART-MS has been chosen to provide the State of Maryland with instantaneous illicit drug screening capabilities outside the lab. According to Colonel Woodrow W. “Jerry” Jones III, superintendent of the Maryland State Police, “For police, there is no other drug detection test available in the field to provide almost instantaneous results with such high accuracy rates. The immediate feedback to the criminal investigators is invaluable. The innovative instrument also allows for enhanced collaboration with public health organizations.”

Learn more about how IonSense’s technology is enabling the State to better monitor the drug supply and communicate the dangers of the drugs even more effectively and ultimately save more lives.

What is DART? DART stands for Direct Analysis in Real-Time and is a new ionization for rapid, non-contact surface sampling of compounds. Operating at ambient pressure with the sample at ground potential, the source enables near instantaneous determination of sample composition by using mass spectrometry.  Electronic or vibronic excited-state species generated in the source interact with reagent molecules and polar or non-polar analytes present near the inlet of the mass spectrometer.

What are its uses?  Analysis of hundreds of chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, their metabolites, peptides, oligosaccharides, synthetic organic molecules, organometallics, explosives, and toxins has shown that the DART® is a versatile method for rapid detection of analytes. These chemicals have been detected on surfaces including concrete, asphalt, human skin, currency, paper stock, vegetables, fruit, and even clothing.

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