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Markes International announces productivity-enhancing improvements to its range of thermal desorption instruments

Markes International announced improvements to their range of thermal desorption (TD) instruments, which further extended their range and enhanced productivity.

Their first improvement was to allow much higher-concentration samples to be analysed in the same sequence as low-concentration samples. The new changes mean users can allow only a tiny fraction of the original sample into the analytical instrument. Markes’ Product Manager, Steve Davies, explained “The enhanced electronic mass flow control technology now implemented across Markes’ range of thermal desorbers allows split ratios from zero to 125,000:1 for routine TD–GC methods. This uniquely wide range also means more samples can be automatically and quantitatively re-collected for repeat analysis and method validation. These new capabilities are especially useful for key applications such as workplace air monitoring, industrial emissions testing and materials analysis”.

The second improvement was speeding up cooling and reducing thermal desorption cycle times, with or without re-collection, boosting the number of analyses that can be undertaken in any given period.

In addition to the instrument enhancements, Markes announced improvements to their SafeLok TD sampling tubes. They have the same external dimensions and sorbent masses, but are protected with diffusion-locking technology at both ends, which stops contaminants getting in and analytes getting out. SafeLok tubes will help reduce repetition expensive field monitoring exercises by minimising the chance of accidental loss or contamination of samples before, during and after sampling.

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