Mansel Thomas, Obituary

Mansel Thomas – January 1944 – August 2012

Mansel Thomas – January 1944 – August 2012

It was a shock to the whole CBRNe World team to be informed that Mansel Thomas, known to many from his tenure at Scott Health and Safety and Avon Protection before that, passed away on the 2nd of August, 2012. As a fellow Welshman, Mansel was a good friend, always ready to devote time and expertise to any question or request. His sense of humour was legendary, as was his love of Welsh rugby, and there are many stories of the Welsh valleys that we shared in far flung places. For me, he was a little piece of home wherever I was.

As well as working for both Avon and Scott for many years he gave distinguished service to his country in the Royal Tank Regiment (2RTR), including multiple tours in Northern Ireland.

Both David Levitt and myself, as well as other members of the team, would like to pass our respects onto his wife Joan and his family. Mansel was a dedicated family man – I only wish I liked golf enough to take as much pleasure in his son’s achievements as he did – and a credit to them.

Safe travels Manse.

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