Łukasiewicz - PIAP introduces new EOD mobile robot

Łukasiewicz - PIAP has launched PIAP Patrol, a new EOD mobile, medium-sized tracked robot designed for CBRN detection and reconnaissance and counter-IED purposes.

Because of its size and the motors used, PIAP Patrol can be employed indoors, outdoors, and in a rough terrain. Its compact and modular design makes it possible to be transported even in a passenger car.

The robot is designed to be used by the military, police, or fire brigades. For that purpose, the robot has been tailored to carry a myriad of accessories, including armament used to neutralize IEDs (such as the RDS/CSL 50-40 Vulkan disrupter or Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun with a camera and a holographic sight).

Its lightweight control panel fully supports the operating software of Logos Imaging’s portable X-ray systems, as well as CBRN sensors. Its dimensions and a drive system enable to carry out activities both inside a building and in difficult field conditions. Using a manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom and the gripping function of the gripper jaws, it is possible to pick up loads of up to 22kg, from up to 800m away in an open area. The manipulator has a 2m reach, with a wide motion range in each plane, allowing the operator to safely position the X-ray system in order to inspect the object from virtually any possible angle.

As the complete communication is carried out through the robot console, the operator does not have to worry about the operating range of the X-ray system comms: as long as the robot responses to the console, the X-ray generator will produce radiation, and the panel will take the image back to the same screen they are looking at while inspecting the object through the robot cameras.

PIAP Patrol is an entirely new design making use of 2 decades of experience gathered by Ł-PIAP engineers.  It took them one year to develop that model. The purpose of that system is to replace the analog RMI robot that has been used so far, with a new, digital design  of a 100kg class.

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