Lockheed Martin Unveil Next Generation Air and Missile Defense Radar

The new array is built on a modular and scalable architecture to the Army's requirements and, once finalized, will replace the aging Patriot MPQ-65 radar. \"Incremental upgrades to the existing Patriot radar no longer address current sustainment issues, current threat performance shortcomings, or provide growth for future and evolving threats,\" said Mark Mekker, director of next generation radar systems at Lockheed Martin. \"Lockheed Martin is prepared to offer a next generation missile defense system that will leverage advances in radar technology to provide a modular, scalable architecture and reduce the total cost of ownership well over its 30 year lifecycle.\" A video of the demonstrator can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7BkyndoIBg
\"Our solution for the U.S. Army's new air and missile defense sensor is not a new-start program. It's a combination of technology maturation over several years and includes capability leveraged from our current development programs and battlefield-proven radars. We rely heavily on our modern radar systems such as the Q-53 and the Long Range Discrimination Radar to rapidly bring low-risk, proven technology to the warfighter,\" Mekker said. \"We look forward to the opportunity to participate in this competition that will ultimately drive up performance and reduce costs for the U.S. Army.\"

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