LION launches RedZone™ Contaminant Control Package

“According to our colleagues at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the increased rate of cancer among members of the fire service, as compared to the general public, is quite alarming,” said S&T First Responders Group Program Manager Bill Deso, who led the research and development effort. “NIOSH studies have determined that over time, chronic exposure to toxic particulates in fireground environments contributes significantly to an increased cancer risk. We worked with TPACC and LION to develop turnout ensemble garments that afford firefighters the same level of fit, functionality and comfort as their existing turnout gear with added protection from particulate infiltration at garment interfaces.”

LION’s RedZone PPE package features five zones that help block dangerous particulates (often lurking in fire scene smoke and soot) from entering a firefighter’s gear:

ZONE 1: Particulate-Blocking Hood

A breathable, ultra-soft hood with StedAir® PREVENT protects the head and neck from particulates, while also providing excellent mobility and unrestricted hearing during firefighting activities.

ZONE 2: Arm Guard

Elasticized wrist shields and enhanced IsoDri® knit wristlets with Nomex® Nano Flex help block particulates at the coat-to-glove interface.

ZONE 3: Core Guard

A Nomex® Nano multi-layered composite with an elasticized band reduces particulate ingress at the coat-to-pant interface. The Core Guard also features LION’s exclusive low-friction Glide Black Ice™ face cloth.

ZONE 4: Closure Guard

An extended coat closure that engages with just one zip. No extra steps are needed to don the turnout coat.

ZONE 5: Leg Guard

Together, the elasticized ankle shield and Nomex® Nano Flex calf protector help to block particulate exposure at the pant-to-boot interface.

In conjunction with its particulate-blocking properties, RedZone gear also features red accents that highlight each protective zone – including a red hook and loop closure that indicates when the turnout coat is properly closed. The RedZone package is currently only available on LION V-Force® turnout gear and can be retrofitted into V-Force gear that was originally purchased without the package. Additionally, this ensemble is currently National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1971, 2013 edition certified (It will also soon be certified to the NFPA 1971, 2018 edition).

“At LION, we have a long history of taking innovation to the next level to help keep responders safe,” explained Mark Smith, LION Senior Vice President. “The introduction of our new RedZone Contaminant Control Package into the fire service, follows in that tradition and it comes at a time where firefighters really need solutions for mitigating cancer threats. We’re proud to be able to provide them with a strong solution that’s based on solid research and testing.”

In addition to the RedZone package, LION also provides digital fire training tools and TotalCare® PPE decontamination services as part of their contaminant control network suite of products designed to help reduce firefighter carcinogen exposure. To learn more about LION’s trailblazing RedZone Contaminant Control Package, visit and check out the video at

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