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CBRN Academy/Swedish Rescue Training Centre AB and Lutra Associates Limited form partnership offering improved strategy, doctrine and equipment advice and realistic training for CBRNe, Hazmat, Civil and Disaster Relief

A new CBRNe training partnership and facility was announced last week which capitalises on the skills of the CBRN Academy (SCP)/Swedish Rescue Training Centre (SRTC) based in Skövde Sweden and Lutra Associates of Stalbridge Dorset. The partnership is designed to assist clients better understand, prepare and deal with the problems caused by CBRNe, Hazmat, Civil and Disaster Relief.

The new team will serve government, civilian emergency services, the military and private corporations and individuals alike. Physically centred on the highly qualified instructors and outstanding and extremely realistic SRTC’s training facilities near Skövde in Sweden and making use of Lutra's worldwide network of instructors, and subject matter experts the new partnership will be able to offer a single provider of these capabilities across the wide and diverse spectrum these subjects represent.

Specialists covering all aspects of CBRNe, Hazmat, and Civil Rescue ranging from national strategy to individual skills and drills and from protection of VIPs, the civil population and national infrastructure to dealing with medical issues to contamination and hazard management will be available to guide clients through the maze of issues involved with ensuring the equipment and professionalism of their armed forces and responders and safety of their populations and infrastructure meet the highest standards. The partnership's specialists include current and former members of government laboratories, armed forces, civil rescue services, academia, law enforcement organizations, procurement agencies and the medical profession as well as noted strategists and commentators on the subject.

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