Laying a false trail...

Are you planning to go to CBRNe Convergence, or another event, that offers a long flight/transit (yeah, you remember those...) and wondering what to read? How about a tale of low cunning and high intrigue that will surprise and amaze? It might not have a race to the airport, but Milton Leitenberg's piece on the Russian disinformation campaign has most everything else -

The abstract is included, but it basically goes into a great deal of detail in how the Russian's have had an active disinformation campaign from 1949 to the present day. Abstract: From 1949 until 1988, the Soviet Union conducted a nearlyFrom 1949 until 1988, the Soviet Union conducted a nearlycontinuous campaign of false allegations of biological-weapon(BW) use by the United States. In 1995, senior Russian militaryofficials revived this pattern of false allegations, which continuesto the present day. Russian officials amplified the campaign afterthe US government funded the transformation of former SovietBW facilities in the Commonwealth of Independent States underthe Nunn–Lugar program. The outbreak of the COVID-19pandemic in China in January 2020 prompted a very greatlyexpanded Russian-government BW-related disinformation effort.This paper aims to present a reasonably comprehensive accountof these activities and to assess their significance. The Russiangovernment under President Vladimir Putin has demonstratedopen disdain for both the Biological and Toxin WeaponsConvention and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

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