Last two days to take Syria survey!

Last chance to log your thoughts for Syria...

The October edition of the magazine will have a major section on Syria, with articles from Brown Moses, Steve Johnson, Dan Kaszeta and Gwyn Winfield, part of this will be the survey. There are only eleven questions in the survey, it will take 2-5 minutes to fill in, and it is an attempt to grab the opinion of the informed CBRN elite in a moment of time. Go hereand read the results in the next issue.

As the October budgets kick in we have seen a huge increase in delegates for CBRNe Convergence, for both the pre-conference workshop on Building a CBRN Coroners and Pathologists Department (link). The exhibition is now almost sold out, with very few stands remaining, organisations such as Asynchrony, Kalman, the EPA and WB Johnson have recently taken stands.

CBRNe Convergence is a three day event, the pre-conference day provides delegates with a chance to see the EPA’s Aspect aircraft and the DOE’s AMS helicopter, as well as the Workshop. Buses are provided to take delegates from the Town and Country Hotel to the airstrip at no extra cost. After the Workshop has ended, and the last bus returned, there will be an Icebreaker to meet all the delegates, speakers and exhibitors. The conference lasts two days and there will be a dynamic demonstration from San Diego Fire Department Hazmat and other elements of the San Diego response framework at the end of Day One.

To get more information and book your place go to this link

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