LANL Investigating Breach Involving Plutonium

Officials at one of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are investigating the potential exposure of employees to plutonium.

LANL confirmed on Monday July 6th that 15 workers were being evaluated after a breach involving a glovebox that was being used to handle plutonium. 

The June 8 incident at the lab’s plutonium facility was recently made public in a weekly report by inspectors with an independent safety board that monitors activities at federal labs around the country.

In a statement issued to The Associated Press it was stated that the area inside the plutonium facility was secured, there was no risk to public health or safety, and that “Laboratory employees responded promptly and appropriately and cleared the room in a safe manner."

At this point in time it is unknown how long the review will take, and what changes might be made to ensure another breach does not happen.

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