JPM-TMT RFIs for Infectious disease prediction and Handheld Pathogen identification

JPM-TMT has issued the following Requests for Information (RFI):

Capability to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks (TMT-Predictive
Systems): Information regarding predictive methods capable of
identifying the probability of when and where an infectious outbreak
could appear weeks to months prior to disease outbreak. Capabilities
for forecasting disease spread after the outbreak will not be
considered. Predictive disease models may integrate numerous
variables including, but not limited to, past incidence rates,
environmental components, vector ecology, and socioeconomic factors
to identify the probability of disease outbreak in a given time and
location. For more information, visit here or go to and search for JPM-TMT-12-PREDINFDIS-RFI. Responses must
be received by February 06, 2012 by 12:00 PM Eastern.

Development of Handheld Pathogen Identification and Characterization
System (TMT-Response Systems): Information related to handheld devices
for identification and characterization of infectious disease agents
and biothreats. This RFI seeks information regarding existing
technologies for (1) analysis to include pathogen characterization
and identification, and the potential to identify chemical agents,
and (2) sample preparation to be used prior to a sample analysis on a
handheld device. These two capabilities would ideally function as an
integrated, end-to-end system or as separate technologies with
compatible characteristics. JPM-TMT will only consider technologies
developed to at least the point of a working prototype. For more information, visit here or go to and search for RFI-12-DTRA01. Responses must be received by February 17,
The items above are Requests for Information (RFI) only. They are NOT solicitations for proposals, proposal abstracts, or quotations. This notice is published for market research purposes only. This notice is open to all sources.

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