Joint Task Force Civil Support to Participate in Joint Readiness Exercise “Sudden Response”

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) will test the ability to deploy and redeploy from a CBRN incident during a command post exercise May 20 – 24 at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, known as Exercise Sudden Response 13 (SR 13).

SR 13 is also, in a broader sense, preparation for a large interagency exercise known as Vibrant Response 13, planned for August of this year. SR 13 will test the movement and capability of JTF-CS in terms of equipment and personnel during the initial phases of a CBRN incident in the homeland. JTF-CS and the Defense CBRN Response Force, or DCRF, are called into action to assist in response operations in support of civil authorities. The exercise validates JTF-CS headquarters and command and control processes against a set timeline, called the N-Hour Sequence. N-Hour is based on the time elapsed starting with the time of notification, or N+0, following a CBRN incident.

On a limited scale, SR 13 evaluates command and control of the DCRF’s 5,200 federal military forces located at more than 36 locations throughout the U.S. The first “Force Package” is designed to respond within 24 hours, so the exercise will assess the capability to offer various life-saving military assets such as search and rescue and emergency medical capabilities within that timeframe.

Most recently, JTF-CS aided FEMA during last year’s Hurricane Sandy response by coordinating and employing more than 1,900 federal military forces in New York and New Jersey.

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