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Battelle launches REBS, their low cost bio detector

Battelle have announced production of their next generation chemical and biological hazard sensor system that they claim can operate at a fraction of the cost of current technologies. Resource effective bioIdentification bystem (REBS) is a ruggedised battery powered system capable of autonomous and continuous use with operating costs of less than $1 per day per unit and assay costs of just $0.04 per sample. These cost savings come from Battelle's new smart technology that eliminates the need for perishable reagents.

Instead, REBS relies on a combination of patented aerosol collection and optical spectroscopy to detect hundreds of threats ranging from bacteria, viruses and toxins to aerosolized chemicals, and even mixed threats. REBS has been demonstrated in multiple government and independent trials, including successful operational testing in the Boston subway and, separately, successful developmental testing with live biological agents, such as anthrax spores, in 2013.

By eliminating the need for laboratory analysis of field-collected samples, the self-contained REBS design reduces the amount of time required to identify agents from hours or days, on average, to as little as 15 minutes, providing early warning and valuable guidance to the user.

The system “smart tech” capabilities also preserve samples for subsequent confirmation, is network-ready, and is able to look for new or emerging threat materials within 24 hours of their identification. Samples are automatically preserved and archived, providing seamless integration into high-level bio-surveillance operations at home or abroad.
REBS can be installed in a fixed site or used in mobile applications; as a single device or as an array of hundreds of systems configured into a network to a single command post. The system can be operated, monitored, and updated via the internet.

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