Japanese police to use Bertin Second Sight MS for surveillance of public events

The CBRN threat (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), particularly the use of chemical agents for terrorist purposes, is more and more taken into account by international authorities.

To monitor this threat, the Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) deployed the Second Sight gas remote sensing camera.

“After successful trials during the Rugby matches in Japan in 2016, the Japanese National Police Agency has decided to deploy the Second Sight MS. It will be used for security missions during mass gatherings in the metropolitan area, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Second Sight will be combined with other tools, such as surveillance systems, between several sites and to headquarters, in order to ensure optimal security for the population “, says Dr. Masaaki Iwaki, retired MG of Japan Ground Self Defense Force, an adviser to Teikoku Sen-I Co., Ltd. specialized in NRBC risk management.

Initially developed by Bertin for the Direction Générale de l’Armement (General Directorate of Armaments – the French Government Defense procurement and technology agency responsible for the program management, development and purchase of weapon systems for the French military), the Second Sight camera is the ideal tool for military and civil security operations. It allows detecting and identifying in real time a gas cloud, even if its composition is not referenced in the camera database. The Second Sight also provides source location information to quickly take protection measures in case of chemical Attack.

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