Jailhouse rock

Ricin mailer Everett Dutschke gets 25 years

The story of Everett Dutschke may finally be coming to end, or at least the CBRN part of it. For those with short memories Mr Dutschke was the individual that sent ricin to Obama, in a bid to frame a romantic Elvis-impersonating rival (more of the twists and turns have been reported on earlier) and eventually decided to plead guilty to the charge. He then decided to plead Not Guilty, and there was a suggestion that he would reverse his plea. This idea was later classified as 'Bad' when it became apparent that if he did reverse his plea that he could also be prosecuted for separate sexual assault charges covered by his January plea deal, and it might also see him get a Life term.

Hopefully the 25 year term will persuade copy cats that it might just be easier to use more conventional methods to attack those that stepped on your blue suede shoes.

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