IRT Ebola and MERS Response

Starting approximately the last week of July and as of 18 December 2014, Immediate Response Technologies (IRT) was requested to/provided over 515 Individual Patient Isolation Systems across the U.S. and to 11 foreign countries. \"We have received requests for ISOPODs from U.S. hospitals in Dallas, Houston and El Paso TX, Asheville, Winston Salem and Charlotte NC, Philadelphia and Sunbury PA, Albuquerque & Santa Fe NM, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Falls Church VA, Atlantis FL and dozens more. Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and John’s Hopkins have also purchased our ISOPODs. We have also filled requests for the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Vietnam, Australia, Canada and many other countries, along with the U.S State Department and UN. Lastly, we have received requests for our products from units at Ft. Bragg and Ft. Cambell. We are also filling requests for the other items such as our FlexAir PAPRs, as well as for our filter canisters.\" All these items are made in their facility in Landover, MD.

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