Iran removes IAEA cameras

It has been reported today that Iran has told the IEAE that it is removing 27 surveillance cameras from its nuclear facilities. The move comes after the IAEA censured Iran for not answering questions about traces of uranium found at three undeclared sites. 

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said 40 cameras would remain, but that the move posed a "serious challenge". Unless this move is reversed within three to four weeks, he warned, it would deal a "fatal blow" to the Iran nuclear deal.

Under a 2015 agreement, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities and allow continuous monitoring by the IAEA's inspectors in return for relief from economic sanctions. The agreement has been close to collapse since the US pulled out unilaterally and reinstated sanctions four years ago and Iran responded by breaching key commitments. The US now wants to rejoin the deal if Iran returns to compliance, but negotiations on the matter have stalle. 

Accroding to the BBC "On Wednesday, the IAEA's 35-nation board of governors approved a resolution that expressed "profound concern that the safeguards issues" related to the undeclared sites "remain outstanding due to insufficient substantive co-operation by Iran". It also urged the country to "act on an urgent basis to fulfil its legal obligations". The US, UK, France and Germany, which drafted the text, said in a joint statement that they welcomed "the overwhelming majority vote" in favour of the resolution, which they said sent "an unambiguous message to Iran".

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