Indian Navy's maiden CBRN training facility officially opened

The nuclear, biological and chemical training facility ‘Abhedya’ at INS Shivaji has special significance for the Indian Navy because now we will be able to provide holistic training in all three disciplines to our personnel on board a ship,” said Admiral Sunil Lanba, chief of Naval staff, during the inauguration of the facility in Lonavla on Monday March 25th. 

Abhedya, a one of a kind training facility in Asia, means ‘impenetrable’ and symbolises the protective cover that is provided on naval ships fitted with nuclear, biological and chemical detection and protection systems. The facility was initiated in 2016 and executed by the Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) will provide realistic training to naval personnel in detection, protection against and decontamination of nuclear, biological and chemical agents.

“INS Shivaji has grown from strength to strength over 75 years and it has state-of-the-art training facilities. I am happy to commission it here. We had two simulators for damage control and fire fighting on board a vessel, and now, we have commissioned the nuclear, biological and chemical simulator,” added Admiral Lanba.

Simulators are equipped with advanced sensors, which can detect and measure the exact contamination of NBC components in water and air, and can be used for training on how to nullify ship compartments and operate in case of a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. The facility at INS Shivaji will help train naval officers and sailors with respect to nuclear, biological, chemical aspects on board vessels and the duration of the training can vary from two days to six months depending on the courses - basic, advanced or refresher.

“The simulator is unique across Asia. It would enhance the Indian Navy’s operational capabilities. The training facility building will house a modern NBC simulator and well-equipped, sophisticated NBC laboratories for creating real-life scenarios,” said the PRO of INS Shivaji.

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